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Drive4Aid represents the essence of our actions: concretely intervening where the need calls, with missions that bring direct and tangible help. From the hot sands of the Sahara to the vast plains of Ukraine, our vehicles cross borders and difficult terrain to deliver not only essential aid but also ambulances and other specialized vehicles, intended to significantly improve the quality of life of beneficiaries. These expeditions are vital to ensure that communities in emergency situations receive the support they need to deal with health crises, natural disasters and conflicts. The commitment and logistics behind each shipment demonstrate our dedication to making a difference, making the impossible possible and bringing aid where others often don't reach.

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BnD Biker Team

The BnD Biker Team is our dynamic and agile "motorized department", which uses the versatility of motorcycles to quickly reach even the most remote and isolated locations. This unit is essential for carrying out detailed scouting, allowing us to map the specific needs of communities and plan targeted interventions both in cooperation contexts and in emergency situations. The effectiveness of the Biker Team translates into a unique ability to intervene promptly where it is most needed, ensuring that our help is timely and adequately directed, thus optimizing resources and maximizing the impact of our actions on the ground.

Our recent expeditions

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Drive4Aid Marrakech


Milano - Marrakech on a Velosolex, without any support along the way. The journey started on April 15, 2022, from Milan, with Marrakech as the destination, where the NGO Atlas Kinder has an ongoing pr...

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Drive4Aid Albania

frontiera con il Kosovo e il Montenegro e Koplik (Albania)

The NGO Bambini nel Deserto and Drive4Aid organized a humanitarian expedition in the mountainous region of northern Albania.The objective of the expedition was to deliver medical supplies and provisio...

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El Kelâa Des Sraghna (Morocco)

Our project made a significant impact by delivering an ambulance to the community of El Kelâa Des Sraghna, a town located approximately 80 km north of Marrakech, Morocco.What happened following this ...

Our recent news

Echoes of Atlas: One year after the earthquake

In September 2023, a devastating earthquake struck the Atlas Mountains, causing a humanitarian catastrophe of vast proportions. The quake resulted in 3,000 deaths and over 5,500 injuries, whil...

Project Echoes of Atlas

Humanitarian emergency missions in Morocco. First shipment 13 / 17 April 2024 - Complete Next conceivable expedition: May / June 2024 - depends on fundraising for FOOD. The scars left by last Septem...

What we do

Drive4Aid collects within it all the shipments that plan to "get underway" to deliver material or vehicles where needed.
A concrete and direct way of doing solidarity "on the road" that allows those who take part to experience a supportive and aware adventure in contexts that we can usually only see on screens.
We are not heroes in a frantic search for situations that we will one day be able to boast about, but simple individuals who do not look the other way and are ready to put themselves on the line for others. Through the network of operational offices of the various partner associations, material of various nature and destination is collected based on the ongoing emergency.
We also collect clothing and footwear but exclusively new ones; because the dignity of people must be respected even in the harshest and most extreme conditions in which they find themselves.

Participate too

If you are reading these lines, it means that you are already one step closer to making a difference in the world.
Our Humanitarian Expeditions are much more than a simple journey; they are a unique opportunity to bring help, hope and a smile to those who need it most.
Imagine being able to see with your own eyes the impact of your contribution, to shake the hands of the people you are helping, to share moments of pure joy and solidarity. Our expeditions reach communities in need around the world, offering medical support, education, food and essential resources to improve the lives of thousands of people.

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How you can help us

Material collection

Depending on the humanitarian emergency in which we intervene and the area of action, D4A organizes, through partner associations, collections of material, equipment and specific vehicles.


  • Long-life foods and drinks
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Ambulances and medical vehicles, vans/minibuses, 4x4 vehicles


  • Medical/surgical material
  • Medicines and healthcare devices
  • Biomedical equipment


  • Tents, outdoor equipment (stoves, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Ambulances and medical vehicles, vans/minibuses, 4x4 vehicles

Fund raising

You can also contribute through a liberal donation, to the extent you prefer, to support our shipments, to allow us to purchase materials, vehicles and cover the costs of fuel, tolls as well as maintenance of the vehicles.
Donations are tax deductible by presenting, when filing your tax return, the bank slip/account statement of the payment together with the receipt that we will issue you.