News, reflections and notes from BnD

There is a crowd at the Tessouba well

08/07/2024, Bambini nel Deserto ETS

The Tessouba well is revealing its full importance and value to the local community.


12/07/2024, Bambini nel Deserto ETS

The Diabatè Brothers. Immigrated to Italy and hosted by an extra-luxury hotel...

The shadow of Moscow over Burkina Faso

11/07/2024, Luca Iotti

The Sahel remains one of the epicenters of jihadist activity, with terrorist groups actively operating in the region.

Mediterranean: an endless drama

10/07/2024, Redazione BnD

The Mediterranean Sea continues to be the scene of a humanitarian tragedy that seems to have no end.

33 years of solitude for ‘camara’ Emmanuel

08/07/2024, m.armanino

Three times he tries to leave the African continent behind, and three times the Moroccan coast guard brings the boats back to shore.

International Day of Cooperatives: A Moment of Celebration and Reflection

06/07/2024, Luca Iotti

Today, we celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives, a special occasion that holds particular significance for us.

The Truth Always Migrates Outside of Prejudice #3

05/07/2024, Bambini nel Deserto ETS

There are many false myths and prejudices spreading in our society regarding the phenomenon of migration.

Title: 5×1000: Hands off…the Third Sector’s pockets

04/07/2024, Luca Iotti

Will the Government respect the will of the Italians or put their hands in the pockets of the Third Sector?

A Moment of Choice for a Better Future

02/07/2024, Luca Iotti

At Risk: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030