Who we are

Bambini nel Deserto (BnD) is a Humanitarian Organization recognized as an ETS and registered in the RUNTS. Founded in Italy in June 2000 by the current President Luca Iotti, the organization is dedicated with passion and professionalism to improving the living conditions of children and their communities in the most difficult contexts; wherever there is a desert; whether it be sand, stone, or opportunities.

Part of a robust alliance of humanitarian organizations, Bambini nel Deserto coordinates its activities with affiliated structures in Italy, Niger, Switzerland, and Ukraine. These independent organizations are linked, in addition to the name, by a common mission and a shared modus operandi, focused on effective interventions in all sectors of International Cooperation and Humanitarian Emergencies.

Together, they are committed to providing concrete, tangible, and long-term solutions in humanitarian crises and sustainable development of the most vulnerable communities.
The organizations that are part of the alliance operate according to principles of political neutrality and religious independence; this ensures that initiatives are guided solely by real needs and respect for universal human rights.

The financial support for the activities comes from various sources, including private citizens, national and international entities, large and small companies, selected based on their corporate social responsibility and who abstain from producing weapons and are actively committed to respecting the rights of their workers.

Supporting Bambini nel Deserto means building together a future where every child can grow up in a safe, educational, and sustainable environment.
Join us to make a difference in the lives of children in the deserts of the world, whether real or metaphorical.

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    The beginnings

    Bambini nel Deserto Association is founded in Modena

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    BnD Trentino

    Bambini nel Deserto Association is founded in Trentino Alto Adige

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    BnD Switzerland

    Bambini nel Deserto Association is born, based in Grono

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    BnD Ukraine

    Bambini nel Deserto Volunteer Association is born, based in Červonohrad

  • Niger flag


    BnD Niger

    Bambini nel Deserto Niger was born, based in the Tadrart neighborhood of Agadez

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