BF Sostegno Profughi OPM/2023/45493

Goal52.464,00 €

Archieved35.964,00 €

68,55%of our goal

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Burkina Faso


This humanitarian emergency project aims to support refugee families and students for the duration of the school year and until the next rainy season (June 2023) with the additional goal of preventing many students from dropping out of school.

Food, utensils, mosquito nets, and mats will be purchased and distributed to ensure the sustenance of the families. School canteens will be reorganized to provide a daily meal for refugee students attending the schools.

Refugee families are unable to access medical services, which are fee-based in Burkina Faso. Basic medications such as antimalarials, paracetamol, and antibiotics will be purchased to ensure healthcare for children and their families.

Additionally, it has been deemed necessary to involve "Action Sociale" for psychological support for the children.


This project was carried out with the collaboration of these public body lenders or private company lenders

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720Risposta all'emergenza