Cinéma du Desert: A Magical Summer from Trentino to Romagna

The Italian summer is set to welcome a series of unique cinematic events, thanks to the tireless team of Cinéma du Desert. This innovative project, known for bringing solar cinema to the most remote areas of the planet, is about to enchant the Italian audience with 19 unmissable appointments. From today until the end of July, Cinéma du Desert is engaged in an intense and exciting tour, focusing its activities in two regions: Trentino and Emilia Romagna.

What makes these events so special is the very nature of Cinéma du Desert. It is not just simple outdoor screenings, but a complete and sustainable cinematic experience. The project, faithful to its mission, will use its solar-powered mobile cinema system, bringing the magic of the big screen to unique and suggestive locations. The choice to focus the events in Trentino and Emilia Romagna is no coincidence. These two regions offer natural scenarios that are perfect as backgrounds for screenings under the stars. From the majestic Dolomites in Trentino to the gentle hills of Emilia Romagna, each location promises to add a touch of magic to the evenings. We will see a selection of eco-conscious documentaries and educational cartoons, in line with the project’s mission to raise public awareness on environmental and social issues.

But the evenings of Cinéma du Desert are not limited to film viewing alone. For cinema lovers, environmental enthusiasts, and culture aficionados in general, this series of events represents a unique opportunity. Not only to enjoy quality screenings in very special settings but also to get in touch with a project that is redefining the concept of itinerant and sustainable cinema. With 19 appointments spread over just over a month, the team offers residents and tourists the opportunity to experience a unique cinematic experience, combining entertainment, education, and environmental awareness.

Calendario Luglio 2024 10/07 Rassegna IMPETUS, Cavedine (TN), “Marcher sur l’eau” 11/07 Visioni sull’acqua, Rovereto (TN), “I custodi dell’acqua” OSPITE il regista Giulio Squarci 14/07 Rassegna IMPETUS, Sarche (TN), “Verso la sorgente. La Sara, dalla foce al ghiacciaio” OSPITI i registi 15/07 FrazionCine, San Vito (RN), “Yuku e il fiore dell’Himalaya” 16/07 FrazionCine, Canonica (RN), “Ernest e Celestine – l’avventura delle 7 note” 17/07 FrazionCine, San Martino dei Mulini (RN), “Prendi il volo” 18/07 FrazionCine, Sant’Ermete (RN), “Arietty” 19/07 Fractal, Croviana (TN), “Il sale della terra” 19/07 Cinema Solare Itinerante 2024, Trabileno (TN), “Yuku e il fiore dell’Himalaya” 20/07 Cinema Solare Itinerante 2024, Trabileno (TN), “La quercia ed i suoi abitanti” 22/07 Levico (TN), “Spirit cavallo selvaggio” 25/07 Visioni sull’acqua, Rovereto (TN), ” Utama – le terre dimenticate” 27/07 Cimone (TN), TBA 27/07 Albiano (TN), TBA 28/07 Albiano (TN), TBA 29/07 Levico (TN), ” Zootropolis” 31/07 Rassegna IMPETUS, Terlago (TN), “Watermark”

  • FrazionCINE is an itinerant festival born in 2021 as a film series, aimed at extending cultural animation from the center to the suburbs.
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