International Cooperation

Our organization is committed to implementing International Cooperation projects aimed at improving the quality of life for children and their communities of origin, and to interventions in Humanitarian Emergency.

Water and Hygiene

We bring water, an essential source of life, to communities that lack it, ensuring access to hygiene systems that protect health. Through the construction of wells, cisterns, and distribution systems, we ensure that clean and safe water is a daily reality and not a luxury. With every drop of water provided, we strengthen people’s dignity, well-being, and autonomy, building solid foundations for a healthy and sustainable future.

Food Autonomy

We promote food autonomy by supporting local agriculture and livestock, to nourish the present and cultivate the future. We integrate agro-ecology principles to maximize the sustainability and resilience of agricultural practices. This ecological approach respects the natural cycle of the soil, enhances biodiversity, and reduces dependency on chemical inputs, contributing to the creation of robust and self-sufficient food systems. We also promote organic agricultural production, ensuring that the products not only nourish but also enhance the health of communities and the environment.


We take care of the basics of life by building healthcare infrastructures and providing essential equipment to ensure medical care where it is most needed. We organize missions of volunteer doctors, who bring specialist skills and treatments directly to the most needy communities. Each healthcare project is accompanied by training programs for local staff, ensuring that the necessary knowledge to manage emergencies and daily care remains in the community. Our actions are guided by the conviction that access to healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege, and we work tirelessly to make medical care an accessible reality for all.

Childhood and Education

We open the doors to the future by building schools and supporting each child in their educational journey. We provide essential educational materials and implement innovative education programs designed to meet the specific needs of local communities. These programs are developed to provide inclusive and dynamic education that promotes the full development of each student’s potential. In this way, education becomes a lever for change, capable of transforming lives and communities.

Professional Training and Economic Development

We invest in innovation and training to spark entrepreneurship and autonomy, transforming local talent into lasting opportunities. We develop professional training programs that not only teach practical skills but also essential entrepreneurial skills to start and successfully manage a business. We offer support through microcredits and assistance in business creation, facilitating access to local markets. We work closely with communities to ensure that each initiative is sustainable and rooted in local realities and needs, triggering positive and lasting change.


In departure and transit locations, we inform migrants about the risks of the journey and European legislation, for full awareness and informed choices about their future. We believe that migration is a fundamental right for all, but we support that it must be done with full awareness of the challenges and realities that await them along their journey. We aim to equip each person with the necessary information to make informed, safe decisions that respect international laws and human rights. This approach not only protects migrants from dangers and exploitation but also strengthens their right to freely choose their future in a context of respect and dignity.


We openly address some of the most current issues, such as female genital mutilation, environmental degradation, migration-related risks, and essential hygiene practices. We use impactful and innovative methods, such as the Cinéma du Desert program, to inform and raise awareness in communities on critical topics. The goal is to mobilize profound and lasting social change by actively involving people in the discussion and search for solutions. Through these initiatives, we not only raise awareness on urgent issues but also stimulate community engagement that promotes respect for human rights and environmental protection, encouraging active participation in shaping a better and fairer future for all.

Remote Support

We offer continuous and targeted support to disadvantaged children. Through the SaD, we ensure access to education, healthcare, and personal and community development opportunities for children who would otherwise be excluded. We create an emotional bridge between supporters and beneficiaries, establishing a deep human connection that transcends geographical and cultural distances, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a global community. By promoting inclusive and accessible education, we ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


The beating heart of Bambini nel Deserto is represented by expeditions delivering essential resources. Since our foundation, we have adopted a direct intervention model, focused on the collection and distribution of basic necessities.
In the first two years, we focused on delivering clothing and footwear to the nomadic children of the Hammada du Draa, an arid stretch of the Sahara on the border between Morocco and Algeria.
Over time, BnD’s expeditions have multiplied and diversified, thanks to the support of travelers who offered space in their off-road vehicles for transporting supplies.
These expeditions have become complex and well-organized operations, bringing not only clothes, educational and sanitary materials but also smiles, hopes, and a strong sense of community. In addition to delivering aid, each expedition has become an opportunity to unite different cultures, promote mutual understanding, and strengthen human bonds through concrete acts of solidarity. This spirit of sharing continues to inspire and guide our commitment to children and their communities.