Garage Italia

Goal15.000,00 € annual

Archieved59.240,57 €

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Burkina Faso


Garage Italia, since 2014, aims to provide training to young people in socio-economic difficulties in Ouagadougou to facilitate their social integration through learning mechanics applied to motorcycles.

Vocational Training From 2014 to 2017, an average of 12 students were trained annually. Starting from 2017 to the present, the training has been extended to 2 years, including new disciplines such as motorcycle bodywork, literacy, and basic computer skills to offer various opportunities and make Garage Italia a school of life as well as a trade school.

Social Protection and Psychological Support In addition to the educator, a psychologist is present twice a week to address behavioral problems of young people coming from socially degraded situations and to conduct social investigations for the most problematic cases.

Guaranteed Meal and Snack The boys spend the day at the garage and receive a sandwich at 9:00 am and a full meal at 12:30 pm. Afterwards, they usually go to the field to play football.

Monitoring During Post-Training Internships After the training, the boys do a one-year internship at local workshops, with regular monitoring by educators and psychologists.

Kit to Start Their Own Business After two years of training and an internship, if the boys are of legal age and deemed suitable, they receive a complete tool kit to start their own business. 80% of those who complete the course find work in workshops in Ouagadougou or start their own businesses.


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