Microcrediti donne rifugiate 2024

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Burkina Faso

Tibin e Limnongen

Cooperative Delwendé (Tibin Location): The Delwendé Cooperative, located in Tibin, was established to support refugee women from northern Burkina Faso. Thanks to microcredit, these women have been able to create a small business that sells local products. The initial funding allowed them to purchase the necessary stock for the market, thus improving their economic situation and providing them with a sense of autonomy and stability.

Cooperative Nogtaaba (Linoghin Location): The Nogtaaba Cooperative, based in Linoghin, is another success story of the microcredit program. This cooperative is made up of refugee women who have come together to start a small trading business. The microcredit provided them with the necessary funds to buy products in bulk and resell them at retail in the local market. This project has not only improved the living conditions of the women involved but has also helped to revitalize the local economy.

Cooperative Bendatoiga: The Bendatoiga Cooperative was founded by a group of refugee women who saw commerce as an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Thanks to the financial support of microcredit, the cooperative has been able to start a small trading business. The women used the funds to purchase materials and start selling. This project has helped to improve the women's self-esteem and economic security, giving them a fresh start and a more promising future.


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