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Improve the accessibility and effectiveness of the healthcare system in areas affected by a lack of transportation services due to the ongoing conflict, ensuring that everyone has timely and quality access to medical care. Increase the emergency response capacity of hospitals benefiting from the 4 ambulances. Provide ambulances capable of ensuring rapid and safe transportation for patients in the target cities to the beneficiary healthcare facilities.


  1. Purchase 4 used ambulances in optimal condition and have them carefully serviced at a specialized workshop to ensure their long-term functionality.
  2. Organize medical, sanitary, and hygiene supply collection campaigns in the Emilia Romagna region to be transported to Ukraine in the ambulances, optimizing every available space and maximizing the efficiency of the convoy from Italy to Ukraine.
  3. Deliver the vehicles and their contents to local partners in Chernovohrad, who will then distribute the ambulances to the 4 target hospitals.
  4. Provide training to volunteer and medical staff on how to use the new ambulances and the equipment they contain.

Expected Results:

  1. Improved access to medical care in cities currently facing a deficit in transportation services.
  2. Reduced emergency transportation response time compared to current standards.
  3. Increased availability of medical, sanitary, and hygiene supplies in the municipality of Chernovohrad.
  4. Enhanced capacity and efficiency of the healthcare personnel operating the ambulances.
  5. Medical staff and volunteers will be better prepared and equipped to manage medical emergencies, improving the overall effectiveness of the emergency healthcare service.

Through these activities and the achievement of the expected results, the "HEALTH ON THE MOVE: MEDICAL SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE" project aims to build a more resilient and accessible healthcare system, significantly contributing to the health and well-being of the population during a period of severe humanitarian crisis.


This project was carried out with the collaboration of these public body lenders or private company lenders