Since our inception in 2000, we have been committed to maintaining and exceeding rigorous standards of financial transparency and organizational accountability; our goal has always been to allocate no less than 75% of expenditures to project implementation, with the remaining 25% allocated to administrative expenses.
With pride, we consistently surpass this goal by dedicating up to 82% of expenditures to projects and limiting administrative expenses to 18%; this achievement sets us apart among humanitarian organizations, making us one of the few entities to boast such a high standard of financial excellence.

Certification and Accessibility of Our Budget

Our commitment to transparency extends far beyond mere internal resource management; the Annual Budget of Bambini nel Deserto is certified by an external auditor outside the organization, ensuring that every figure reflects our honesty and operational integrity.

In addition, our Budget is public, accessible, and downloadable because we firmly believe that transparency is one of the most valuable assets for maintaining the trust of our supporters over time.

The Pillars of Our Success

Achieving these results is made possible by several key factors:

  1. Efficient Management: We consistently aim for operational efficiency, ensuring resources are utilized with maximum optimization;
  2. Volunteer Support: The invaluable support of our Members and Volunteers reduces operational and administrative costs, allowing us to focus greater resources on field projects;
  3. Strategic Partnerships: We collaborate closely with local and international partners who share our vision, optimizing skills and amplifying the impact of our interventions;
  4. Advanced Technology: We utilize “The Tree”1, a management and reporting application tailored to our needs by BnD Switzerland. This unique tool in the Third Sector landscape significantly reduces management costs, freeing resources to allocate to International Cooperation projects and Humanitarian Emergencies.
  5. Innovation in Fundraising: We design our fundraising initiatives with careful expertise to maximize returns while minimizing costs, leveraging innovative technologies and launching creative campaigns.

Fiscal Benefits for Companies and Individuals

Companies can deduct donations without an absolute limit, but up to 10% of their total declared income.
If the deduction exceeds this 10% of total income, the excess can be carried forward in subsequent declarations, up to four years. For example, a donation made in 2024 can be deducted until 2028.
Voluntary donations follow the cash basis for the donor company.

Individuals have two options for tax benefits:

  1. A 30% deduction of the donated amount, up to a maximum of €30,000.
  2. Deduction of the donated amount without an absolute limit, but within 10% of the total declared income.

Between deduction and deduction, those with an income of more than €30,000 find it more convenient to deduct.
The choice between deduction or deduction is made at the time of income tax return.
As for companies, the portion of unused deduction can be carried forward to future declarations.

Bambini nel Deserto is more than just a humanitarian organization: it is an example of how passion and dedication can translate into concrete actions that improve the lives of thousands of people each year.
We will continue to work with transparency and integrity, ensuring that every donation truly contributes to building a better world.