International cooperation

International cooperation

Since 2000, with the first material delivery expeditions and subsequently with the launch of small projects, we have increasingly committed ourselves to expanding our scope of action. Each step has been guided by the desire to offer sustainable solutions that could promote lasting autonomy.


Humanitarian emergencies

Since 2005, we have brought hope and relief to the most critical situations, becoming a reference point in the field of Humanitarian Emergencies. With tireless dedication, we have faced the harsh realities of child malnutrition and offered shelter and support by working in refugee camps, turning despair into opportunities for recovery.


Cinéma du Desert: A Magical Summer from Trentino to Romagna...

01.01.1970 .

From today until the end of July, Cinéma du Desert is engaged in a tour between Trentino and...

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Our recent projects

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UA24 Salute in Movimento

Varie località (Ukraine)

Improve the accessibility and effectiveness of the healthcare system in areas affected by a lack of transportation services due to the ongoing conflict, ensuring that everyone has timely and quality a...

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Microcrediti donne rifugiate 2024

Tibin e Limnongen (Burkina Faso)

Cooperative Delwendé (Tibin Location): The Delwendé Cooperative, located in Tibin, was established to support refugee women from northern Burkina Faso. Thanks to microcredit, these women have been a...

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Echoes of Atlas 2024

Atlas (Morocco)

In response to an appeal received, our organization has mobilized to launch, starting from April 2024, a series of humanitarian expeditions from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains to support local commu...

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LABORED laboratorio - educazione

Ouagadougou - Nagreongo (Burkina Faso)

In Burkina Faso, the enrollment rate is very low, while there is a high percentage of students dropping out of school prematurely.One of the main reasons, based on twenty years of observation and work...

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Nutrire le Menti, Illuminare il Futuro

Comune di Nagreongo - Provincia di Oubritenga (Burkina Faso)

The project "Nourishing Minds, Illuminating the Future" sets the ambitious goal of supporting 160 children from the Nagreongo community, ensuring not only access to primary education but also adequate...

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Green R-Evolution at Aboabo

Aboabo (Ghana)

The project aligns with the ministerial plan to combat desertification and contributes to achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda goals.The intervention, which will take place in the community of Abo...

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BF Sostegno Profughi OPM/2023/45493

Nagreongo (Burkina Faso)

This humanitarian emergency project aims to support refugee families and students for the duration of the school year and until the next rainy season (June 2023) with the additional goal of preventing...

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Pedalando verso un domani migliore

Varie località (Burkina Faso)

The PEDALING TOWARDS A BETTER TOMORROW project in Burkina Faso involves the purchase of new bicycles for children and adolescents who attend a distant school, to encourage them to continue their studi...

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Green Re-Evolution Discover

We regenerate the earth by planting trees to fight desertification and mangroves to protect coasts, creating ecosystems that support communities and biodiversity. We are an active participant in the international Great Green Wall Programme, an ambitious initiative that aims to transform the lives of Sahel communities by planting a vast green belt across Africa. This effort not only helps stop the desert's advance, but also creates economic opportunities, improves food security and stabilizes the local environment. Through our commitment to this program, we work closely with local communities, providing training and resources to plant and care for trees, thus promoting a healthier environment and a more resilient future for current and future generations.

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Drive4Aid represents the essence of our actions: concretely intervening where the need calls, with missions that bring direct and tangible help. From the hot sands of the Sahara to the vast plains of Ukraine, our vehicles cross borders and difficult terrain to deliver not only essential aid but also ambulances and other specialized vehicles, intended to significantly improve the quality of life of beneficiaries. These expeditions are vital to ensure that communities in emergency situations receive the support they need to deal with health crises, natural disasters and conflicts. The commitment and logistics behind each shipment demonstrate our dedication to making a difference, making the impossible possible and bringing aid where others often don't reach.

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The BnD Biker Team is our dynamic and agile "motorized department", which uses the versatility of motorcycles to quickly reach even the most remote and isolated locations. This unit is essential for carrying out detailed scouting, allowing us to map the specific needs of communities and plan targeted interventions both in cooperation contexts and in emergency situations. The effectiveness of the Biker Team translates into a unique ability to intervene promptly where it is most needed, ensuring that our help is timely and adequately directed, thus optimizing resources and maximizing the impact of our actions on the ground.

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The Diabatè Brothers. Immigrated to Italy and hosted by an extra-luxury...

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The shadow of Moscow over Burkina Faso

The Sahel remains one of the epicenters of jihadist activity, with terrorist groups...

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Mediterranean: an endless drama

The Mediterranean Sea continues to be the scene of a humanitarian tragedy that seems to...

Our recent events

08 Jul
Cinéma du Desert: A Magical Summer from Trentino to Romagna

From today until the end of July, Cinéma du Desert is engaged in a tour between Trentino...

07 Jul

The event's goal is to present the project "Personal fulfilment as an alternative to...

01 Jul
Right to Food, Water, and Health

Bambini nel Deserto is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the results of the...


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