There is a crowd at the Tessouba well

Bambini nel Deserto ETS . 08/07/2024 . Reading time: 2 minutes

Since its inauguration a few weeks ago, the Tessouba well has been revealing its full importance and value to the local community. Every day, hundreds of goats can drink at this precious water point, significantly contributing to the well-being of the Tessouba community.

The well, which reaches a depth of over 45 meters, is a fundamental resource for the inhabitants.
The water is manually drawn and distributed to the animals, which no longer have to travel dozens of kilometers to drink.
This has greatly reduced the effort and risk for the animals, improving their health and the overall productivity of the community.
Thanks to the funding from the Eight per Thousand of the Waldensian Table, the community of Tessouba has seen a significant improvement in its living conditions.
With constant access to water, herders can now increase the production of goat milk, a valuable resource used to produce the exquisite local cheese, takummarè.
This cheese, a staple of the traditional diet, not only represents an important element of the local diet but also a source of income for many families.
The increase in takummarè production has the potential to further stimulate the local economy, allowing the Tessouba community to become more self-sufficient and resilient.
Moreover, the presence of the well has already started to reduce tensions between farmers and herders, improving social relations and contributing to a more peaceful and collaborative environment. Ultimately, the Tessouba well is not just a source of water but a symbol of hope and development for the entire community.
The ability to access such a vital resource has given new energy and motivation to the inhabitants, promoting a more stable and prosperous future for all.

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